What is Land of Retro?

Land of Retro is an action-adventure MMO inspired by the very first Legend of Zelda game.

Explorational Gameplay & Combat

Land of Retro is focused on exploration, secrets and discovery, just like old adventure games. The combat in this game is fast-paced sword fighting action! There will be 10 unique worlds, with at least 5 dungeons in each world. Part of what makes this game unique is that it is a beatable MMO: World 10 is the final world with the final boss, and after that you've beaten the game! Will you be the first to clear all 10 worlds?

Forge your Power

Land of Retro is packed with creative weapons! In addition to the hundreds of weapons that can be found in dungeons or other secret areas, you can forge your own swords and weave your own spells!

Class System

Land of Retro uses a class system where players can change class each time they die. There are several combat-oriented classes such as Hero, Monster Hunter and Mystic, but there are also non-combat classes such as Smith, Merchant, and Shepherd that focus on subtle aspects of the game.

How Much Will It Cost?

Land of Retro will be free for everyone! To keep the servers running, players can buy designer weapons. Designer weapons will not be more powerful than regular weapons. They will just be really really cool. An example designer weapon is the Time Bow. It shoots in reversed time! When you shoot a time bow, the arrow appears in your enemy, then flies back into your bow!

Who's making this game?

Land of Retro is under development by Skypeak LLC, a small indie game company based in the Portland, Oregon area! The game's lead programmer and game designer is Christian Vandagrift. The musical score is composed by Sleeperhold. The art in this game is a combination of programmer-art by Christian and some great public domain pixel art finds. We hope to have the game done by January 2015. If you want to see all the great content we're adding to the game, follow us on your site of choice!